Visas and Nationality

Our services for organisations

For immigration advisers, solicitors and other organisations, we have VisasAndNationality corporate services:

One-off applications you are making on behalf of an individual.

For further details on any of these, email

All applications made through our corporate services are treated as high priority. However, for guaranteed 24-hour and 48-hour turnround times, order our Fast Track services.

Do not use the online application portal - this is for individuals, not organisations. Instead, email and we will send you a corporate Visas and Nationality application form. You can use this to send us applicant details and follow the instructions for sending us scanned documents.

Fast Track 24-hour and 48-hour options are available on corporate one-off services. Fast Track 24-hour options are available on corporate bundle services. Details are below.

When you purchase the corporate bundle service, you are assigned an account manager who will handle and oversee your applications and you have direct line access.

The pricing structure offers significant discounts for volume. Your administration and purchasing is simpler with a single payment, not many. First class / airmail postage is all included.

One-off applications on behalf of an individual

Price - per application £125.00 + VAT* (£150.00)

Fast Track services are available on one-off applications for an additional charge. To apply, email Corporate bundle service for organisations Fully account managed. Contact for details and to purchase a corporate bundle.

New Corporate Bundle sizes from 1 September 2017 - you can order standard 10-working-day turnround or 24-hour Fast Track within these bundles - these can be mixed within one single Corporate Bundle

24-hour Fast Track applications are charged at 2.4 times your bundle unit price for a standard application. Bundles of 12, 24, 36, or 48 standard applications are available (equivalent to 5, 10, 15, or 20 Fast Track 24-hour applications).

You can mix orders for standard or Fast Track applications freely within your bundle, so long as you have sufficient credit available.

Corporate bundle prices offer discounts on the Fast Track price as well as on the standard service price. As we offer this discounted 24-hour Fast Track, the 48-hour service is not offered in corporate bundles. This also simplifies bundle structures and pricing.

Visas and Nationality Corporate Bundle prices – from 1 September 2017
No. of Units
Bundle Price
(per Unit, standard
Full Bundle
Saving Per Bundle
(based on standard
12 standard (or 5 Fast Track) £120 + VAT £1440 + VAT £60.00
24 standard (or 10 Fast Track) £115 + VAT £2760 + VAT £240.00
36 standard (or 15 Fast Track) £110 + VAT £3960 + VAT £540.00
48 standard (or 20 Fast Track) £105 + VAT £5040 + VAT £960.00

Email for more information or to order your corporate bundle.

To apply, download the Corporate Services Application Form and email to your account manager.