Our Role

UK NARIC: the internationally respected voice in qualifications recognition

UK NARIC is a leading information service provider offering impartial, trusted judgement on international qualifications.

Our services have been developed to ensure that the skills, competencies and qualifications of those coming to the UK to work, study, practice or settle are recognised at the appropriate level in the UK. UK NARIC also support every university in the UK, all colleges that admit international students, employers, professional bodies, UK Government departments and immigrations consultants understand more about education, vocation and professional systems outside the UK.

UK NARIC is the designated United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills. We perform this official function on behalf of the UK Government.

Operating under contract to the Department for Education (DfE), we provide the only official source of information on international education and training systems and wide-ranging international qualifications and skills attained from outside the UK.

UK NARIC is part of the NARIC network. This initiative aims at improving academic recognition of diplomas and periods of study in the Member States of the EU, the EEA countries and the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Cyprus. It is also the UK National Agency in the wider European Network of Information Centres (ENICs).

UK NARIC supports globally mobile individuals. Over 30% of the recognition statements we issue are for immigration or settlement purposes, integral to the UK Government’s Immigration Rules and visa/settlement application processes.

Systems of professional regulation and trade registration are assisted by UK NARIC qualifications data and recognition services.

The United Kingdom is a signatory of the Lisbon Recognition Convention which obliges the signatory nations to make arrangements for recognising qualifications across borders and to provide information on education systems and higher education institutions, UK NARIC provides these services.