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Launch of international education briefing

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UK NARIC has published the first edition of our new quarterly 'benchmarkEd' international education briefing, put together by our International Research team. The briefing provides updates, analysis, and commentary on qualifications, education systems and education developments worldwide. 

The first edition looks at how COVID-19 has affected education across the world, and analyses whether the pandemic has had an impact on students’ grades.

There are also updates from a number of countries, including a look at changes to the French Baccalauréat, upcoming reforms to the Pancyprian exams, and the end of regional accreditation in the US.

The benchmarkEd briefing is being emailed to UK NARIC members and to recipients of this newsletter. If you have other colleagues who would like to receive the briefing, please contact with their email address, and we can add them to the briefing distribution.

20/10/2020 17:15:00
UK NARIC joins INQAAHE international quality assurance network

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UK NARIC have become associate members of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies (INQAAHE), the only worldwide network of organisations supporting quality assurance in higher education.

At the recent INQAAHE Forum between 28 September and 1 October, UK NARIC delivered a session alongside Australia's TEQSA, Malaysia's MQA, and the USA's DEAC; and a solo presentation on recognition of TNE qualifications [link to PDF].

As part of its mission to support the global quality assurance community, INQAAHE facilitates the sharing of international developments and good practice between its members. This includes through its biennial forums. The latest forum was hosted by the Russian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Career Development, AKKORK.

The forum session with UK NARIC, the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and the Distance Learning Education Commission (DEAC) in the United States, discussed the different national responses to the quality assurance challenges posed by COVID-19 and the sudden switch to online learning.

UK NARIC's Head of Quality Benchmark Services Fabrizio Trifiro delivered the forum session on the recognition of TNE qualifications with reference to UK NARIC's TNE Quality Benchmarking scheme.

12/10/2020 09:37:00
Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong sessions headline the Autumn Series for November

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UK NARIC will be hosting online training sessions on education in Hong Kong (4 November) and Saudi Arabia (11 November) as part of the ongoing Autumn Series of webinars.

All of these sessions can be booked through the training schedule web page.

Members may use their pre-paid places for this online training; contact your account manager for details. Non-members can email to book places.

The first of these sessions on 4 November will give an overview of the Hong Kong school education system with particular reference to the English language element of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE).

Attendees will also be given practical advice on how to recognise and interpret qualification documents from Hong Kong.

The second session (11 November) will be on the Saudi Arabian education system with a focus on secondary, vocational and post-secondary education and the different streams available to students. There will also be information on the structure of the higher education system in Saudi Arabia and the various types of institution as well as how Saudi Arabian qualifications compare to the UK education system.

Further training session topics will be confirmed soon. Keep an eye on our training schedule web page for updates on webinars which may be of interest to you or your colleagues.

If you have any queries about the Autumn Series, or need help with booking, please contact your account manager.

Users are also reminded that they can purchase a recording of any of our previous webinars on either an individual basis or as part of a Course Pack, which allows users to either choose a selection of webinars recommended by our lead trainers or pick their own pack of webinars they feel are suitable for their specific needs. Further information about Course Packs is available here.

The full list of recorded webinars (paid-for and free) in our library is as follows - Briefing on Indonesian education: high school exams, institutional status and university rankings - an interactive webinar; Briefing on the upper secondary and higher education system in Nigeria - an interactive webinar; Clearing special: how to get the most out of UK NARIC's services; Pakistan: when is a Bachelor a Bachelor, and when is a Master's a Master's?; Briefing on higher education in China; Combating education fraud: how to spot fake qualifications giving access to undergraduate programmes – an interactive webinar; The online learning regulatory landscape in Malaysia and Dubai; Briefing on standardised test in the USA education system; Briefing on the long-cycle programmes in the French education system; TNE Models of online learning delivery: Arizona State University and University of London Worldwide; English for Admissions - the current landscape; Evaluating international qualifications; Combating education fraud; Briefing on the non-traditional qualifications used for entry in higher education in the UK; Briefing on the Indian secondary education system; Briefing on the upper secondary and higher education system in Ghana; Briefing on Chinese upper secondary educationMaking the most of your UK NARIC membership and Charting the impact of COVID-19 on education internationally - an interactive Q&A with UK NARIC experts.

12/10/2020 09:35:00
UK NARIC and UNESCO publish joint report on HE situation in Syria

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UK NARIC and UNESCO Beirut Office (UBO) have published their joint report The State of Play in Syrian Higher Education Post-2011 - a proactive response to the lack of reliable information on the true picture of the Syrian higher education system at this difficult time, and including findings from UNESCO field visits and field surveys.

The report has been created following primary research conducted by UBO in Syria; including interviews, visits to institutions and surveys of university staff and students.

The information gathered from this ground-level research will allow stakeholders to analyse both current and potential future challenges within Syrian higher education and provide the necessary assistance to the sector.

The research helps to identify the most urgent capacity-building needs in Syria.

The report also looks at the anticipated impact of the conflict on the recognition of Syrian higher education qualifications abroad and considers how to ensure fair and informed decisions are made on Syrian qualifications.

12/10/2020 09:34:00
Registration opens for GlobalEd Forum live online events, 30 Nov to 10 Dec

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Registration is now open for the UK NARIC GlobalEd Forum - our international online event (30 November to 10 December) that will run across time zones, with live discussions hosted from the UK, India and Australia, and global perspectives on current issues.

Contributors will include university and college leaders, heads of international and admissions, and experts on important topics such as partnerships and TNE. Of course, there will be updates, analysis and training content from UK NARIC's experts. Key players in the sector supporting the GlobalEd Forum include Trinity College, Cambridge Assessment English, International BaccalaureateOxford University Press and immigration law firm Fragomen.

Members can sign up now for a free 'access all areas' online pass for the entire 2-week event. Non-members can also register for a 2-week pass for just £99+VAT.

Live sessions will include a discussion panel hosted from India on the drive for educational partnerships there and potential new opportunities; and panels on TNE, exploring the difficult issues around quality assurance and recognition.

GlobalEd Forum will also feature leading vocational colleges from China discussing their internationalisation programmes and their approaches to employer engagement and course design.

The GlobalEd Forum also includes sessions led by UK NARIC's experts on a wide variety of topics such as UK NARIC evaluation criteria, accreditation of institutions across Europe, and updates on the impact of COVID-19 on international education.

As well as live interactive sessions, members can also visit our GlobalEd Forum web pages any time and view a selection of 'Bites' - short pre-recorded 15-minute video briefings and mini-training sessions - easily digested and fitted into your day.

These pre-recorded Bites will cover a wide range of subjects, such as digital credentials; confirming GCSE English and Maths from other school awards; hints on detecting and combating fraud; India Standard XII and state boards; qualification verification; finding your way around the UK NARIC databases; and refugee skills evaluation.

Members and non-members can sign up for the GlobalEd Forum now. Those registering will receive emailed updates about the programme, as further sessions and guest contributors are confirmed.

Are you a member with knowledge to share with the international education sector? Perhaps you would like to contribute to the event or take part in a panel? Please email

Are you a company or organisation operating services in international education? Do you have expertise to share in the discussion? Would you like to contribute or sponsor a Bite of interesting content, or take part in a live panel? If so, please email

Look out for further updates about the Forum on the UK NARIC website and social media.

12/10/2020 09:33:00