Our Global Role

UK NARIC is the designated national agency in the United Kingdom for the recognition of international qualifications and professional skills. Since 1997, it has performed this official function on behalf of the UK Government.

Our database of international qualifications is the largest in the world, with over 5,000 qualifications from more than 200 countries or former states or territories, and now extending to cutting-edge grade comparisons data for an expanding number of countries. This database underpins a range of recognition, comparability, and benchmarking services for individuals and organisations.

In 2018, UK NARIC’s recognition services for individuals issued over 40,000 statements to people seeking to study, work and professionally practise in the UK. Over 30% of the recognition statements we issue are for immigration or settlement purposes, integral to the UK Government’s immigration rules and visa/settlement application processes.

UK NARIC has over 1,000 organisational members spread across 62 countries. Collectively, these have 17,000 personnel using our databases every day to select and recruit the brightest and the best candidates for work and study.

UK NARIC works worldwide to develop and improve the understanding and recognition of qualifications in all regions.

Our unique expertise makes us a global leader and reference point for international qualifications and skills certification. We conduct advanced research, often in joint projects with overseas partners; we deliver benchmarking services for awards; we capacity build for governments and education authorities; and we supply raw data on qualifications for integration into human resources systems and software.

We are sought out by national governments, education authorities, professional institutes and secondary, vocational and higher education awarding bodies as an expert consultant for advice, specialist technical input, and development.

Our work encompasses:

  • mutual recognition agreements (government to government) – unlocking study and work opportunities and supporting educational and knowledge exchange
  • independent appraisal of qualifications and systems – evaluating the quality and standards of education internationally
  • development and referencing of qualifications and qualification frameworks – supporting the recognition and transferability of qualifications worldwide
  • mapping of skills and occupations to inform policies on migration – facilitating labour mobility and the development of bridging and support measures
  • capacity building, in the areas of – establishment of national agencies; implementing the Bologna process; quality assurance.

UK NARIC is the internationally respected voice in qualification recognition offering impartial, trusted judgement on international qualifications. The independent benchmarking of qualifications can help ensure widespread, international acceptance of evolving qualifications and standards.

UK NARIC’s capabilities in dissemination and communication, and the global reach of our data services and information channels, mean that our reports and findings on qualifications become, upon publication, an international reference standard. Our email newsletter, with links to our latest research, is sent to almost 20,000 people working in international education every month.