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The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom, UK NARIC, is the UK’s agency for recognising international qualifications and skills. We provide not only the UK’s primary source of information, data and insight on overseas qualifications and education systems, we do a great deal more to help globally mobile people looking to work, study or professionally practise. UK NARIC is one of the world's leading recognition agencies. Over 1,000 universities, colleges, businesses and governments in 62 countries are members of UK NARIC and use our services. We support them in recruiting the best students, skilled labour and professionals, and in developing their systems to safeguard informed decisions.


Registration is now open for the UK NARIC GlobalEd Forum - our international online event (30 November to 10 December) that will run across time zones, with live discussions hosted from the UK, India and Australia, and with global perspectives on current issues.

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Live sessions will include a discussion panel hosted from India on the drive for educational partnerships there and potential new opportunities; and panels on TNE, exploring the difficult issues around quality assurance and recognition and vocational colleges from China discussing their internationalisation programmes and their approaches to employer engagement and course design.

The GlobalEd Forum also includes sessions led by UK NARIC's experts on a wide variety of topics such as UK NARIC evaluation criteria, accreditation of institutions across Europe, and updates on the impact of COVID-19 on international education.

Our resources to support you

In these current challenging times, we provide a range of resources - information; advice; insights; services - that can help organisations in planning and preparing for a changing global environment.

We provide interactive digital training - new sessions available

We offer regular webinars on a range of topics including evaluating international qualifications, combating education fraud, specialist interactive webinars on countries and regions worldwide (more...)

We provide transnational education quality benchmarking

Our TNE QB serves the primary purpose of improving international understanding of and confidence in TNE qualifications, with a view to facilitating the international recognition of TNE qualifications (more...)