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COVID-19 update: back to school?

UPDATE   September marked the beginning of the new academic year in many countries. While some students returned to classrooms and campuses, for others education continues to be disrupted by the pandemic.

According to UNESCO, schools across Europe are now open, as nationwide closures have come to an end. However, schools remain closed at a national level in over 30 countries worldwide - mainly in Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and East Africa. Localised closures are also in place in some countries, as they try to contain local outbreaks.

Exams and assessments that were due to take place between April and June have now mostly been concluded. Postponed exams have been held or grades have been issued based on other forms of assessment. Postponed WAEC exams were completed by the end of September in Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. In Malta, exams for the Matriculation Certificate also took place in September, postponed from May. This month, A level exams will go ahead in Sri Lanka, delayed from August. There is still uncertainty about when exams will be held for the Higher School Certificate in Bangladesh.

The end of the year brings another busy period for exams, particularly in the southern hemisphere. We will be tracking any delays or changes to these exams, as they are announced, on our blog: Charting the impact of COVID-19 on UK admissions and recruitment.

20/10/2020 17:14:00