UK Qualification Reference Statement

UK Qualification                       Reference Statement

Helps make your UK qualifications better understood, both in the UK and overseas

Who is it for?

The UK Qualification Reference Statement is for people who want official, additional information about their UK qualifications to help third parties understand them better. This may help if:

  • you are looking to use your UK qualifications overseas, eg to apply for employment, further study, or professional registration
  • you hold an older qualification that is often misunderstood
  • you hold a UK qualification that was studied overseas, and would like confirmation of its standing

This service is for UK qualifications only. For international qualifications, use our Statement of Comparability service.

What is it for? How does it help?

The UK Qualification Reference Statement confirms that your qualifications are recognised in the UK and gives further information about their standing. This may include referencing to UK qualification frameworks, information about professional status, or the status of the awarding institution.

If you hold a qualification awarded by a UK professional body, eg ACCA, CIMA, CIOB, then this service is not for you. You should apply for a Statement of Comparability for confirmation of the level of this type of qualification.

How long does it take?

The turnround time is 20 working days. This time starts when we have received all required documents and payment.

Note that the turnround time is not guaranteed. In some cases, unusual qualifications may require additional research and may take longer. In these cases, we will let you know prior to requesting payment.

This service is not available on a Fast Track basis.

Documents required

We need:

  • A copy or scan of your final certificate
  • If possible, a copy or scan of your academic transcripts
  • If possible/applicable, information on transnational education arrangements relating to your institution.


The UK Qualification Reference Statement costs £49.50 + VAT* (£59.40)

*VAT is payable within the EU. If you are applying from an address outside of the EU, you are not required to pay VAT.

How to apply

Download this order form, fill in the details, and return it by email, together with scans of your qualification documents, to

We will reply to you within 5 working days to either:

  • confirm that we are able to assist you and request payment for the service; OR
  • explain why we are unable to assist.

Can I contact UK NARIC about my application?

If you have any queries about your UK Qualification Reference Statement application, contact us by email at

Note that this email address is not for enquiries about other UK NARIC services.

If you have applied for other UK NARIC services and want to contact us, use the messaging function on the application portal, after registering.