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Construction Sector Services

Statement of Comparability for Construction Skills with Skills Mapping

Who is this for?

This route is for people applying for:

  • A blue, gold or black CSCS card
  • A blue, gold or black LISS card
  • A blue or gold JIB-PMES card

To be eligible for this service, your qualification must have involved spending time working in a construction site environment.

What we provide

The Statement of Comparability for Construction Skills with Skills Mapping will include the following:

This process is quite complex, and this is reflected in a price that is higher than other UK NARIC statement services. Not all qualifications are suitable for detailed skills mapping. Therefore, there is a 2-stage process:

Stage 1: This is the checking stage. We will analyse your qualification‘s general characteristics and advise whether it is suitable for mapping.

Stage 2: This involves detailed skills mapping and primary source verification.

How to apply for skills mapping [pdf].

The documents you need to send to us

If you apply online, you can upload scanned files. If you apply by post, send photocopies. Do NOT send original certificates.

Stage 1 documents we need:

  • A colour copy or scan of your certificate
  • Copies or scans of your transcripts/mark sheets
  • (If your documents are not in English) Certified English translations
  • Stage 1 form [pdf] completed and signed by your training provider

Stage 2 documents we need (in addition to the Stage 1 documents):

How long does it take?

Stage 1:

10-15 working days from the date we receive your documentation and payment for Stage 1 of the service. Upon completion of Stage 1, you will receive an email informing you of the next steps for Stage 2 of the service.

In a few cases, such as those requiring additional special research into the qualifications, the process may take longer – this is uncommon, but if it applies to your case, we will tell you.

Stage 2:

30 working days from the date we receive your documentation and payment for Stage 2 of the service. This timeframe does not include the postage/delivery time.

As we rely on information from third parties to verify your chosen award, we cannot always guarantee that assessments are dispatched within 30 working days. There is no Fast Track service available.

How much does it cost?

Stage 1 cost:

The cost of Stage 1 of the service is £50.00 + VAT* (£60.00).

Stage 2 cost:

The cost of Stage 2 of the service is £345.00 + VAT* (£414.00).

*VAT is payable within the EU. If you are applying from an address outside of the EU, you are not required to pay VAT.

How many qualifications can I submit?

This service can only focus on one award that meets the eligibility criteria. You must provide all the relevant evidence for this qualification.

Can I contact UK NARIC about my application?

If you have any queries about your Construction Service application, contact us online. Use the messaging function on the application portal after registering with us.