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Translation Waiver Service

Statement of Comparability with Translation Waiver Service

What is the Translation Waiver Service?

The Translation Waiver Service means we work with your qualification documents in their original language.

This avoids the need for a translation.

This saves you the trouble and expense of obtaining a certified translation from a qualified translator or a translation agency.

The service costs extra, but may be worthwhile for you if it saves you the cost of translation.

Note – we do NOT provide you with a translation of your certificates as part of this service.

Which services is this available for?

The Translation Waiver Service can be added to the following services:

Which languages is this available for?

At the moment, the Translation Waiver Service is available for these languages:

Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , Danish , French , German , Italian , Macedonian , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , Arabic .

How to apply for the Translation Waiver Service

You can add the Translation Waiver Service as part of your online application.

How much does it cost?

The Translation Waiver Service costs £40.00 + VAT* (£48.00) in addition to the standard price of the service in question (plus postage for your selected postage/delivery option).

More information about translation

If you need translations of your qualification certificates, then you will not get this from the Translation Waiver Service. For this, you will need to use a professional translator or a translation agency. Visit our page for more information.

*VAT is payable within the EU