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The French Baccalauréat is changing

UPDATE   The Baccalauréat général and Baccalauréat technologique have been reformed for students graduating from 2021 onwards.

The changes aim to provide better preparation for higher education by giving students greater opportunity to specialise in the subjects that interest them. The reforms are also intended to simplify assessment and recognise students’ effort and achievement throughout the final two years of study.

The 2021 cohort will be the first to complete the new system without streams for the Baccalauréat général, and with continuous assessment and fewer exams. We summarise some of the key changes below.

The infographic shows the changes to the Baccalauréat général. Similar changes have been made to assessment for the Baccalauréat technologique, but the streams will remain unchanged.

20/10/2020 17:13:00