Services for Individuals

Important information for individuals who applied to us before 26 June 2014

UK NARIC has recently completed major upgrades to its IT systems. This is so we can continue to keep the data of all our customers secure, and so we can further develop and improve our services. As part of these changes, some of our older databases will no longer be online.

These changes affect individuals who applied to UK NARIC for a Statement of Comparability, English Language Assessment or other statement service BEFORE 26 June 2014. Customers who applied on or after 26 June 2014 are not affected.

If you applied before 26 June 2014, you will no longer be able to log in to your UK NARIC account from our website. If you attempt to log in, you will get a ‘login error – try again’ message.

This will affect only a small number of UK NARIC customers. However, if you require:

  • A replacement UK NARIC statement, for example because you have lost your old statement
  • An upgrade of an old Statement of Comparability to a Certificate of Comparability for framing or display

then you will need to set up a new UK NARIC account and submit a fresh application for a UK NARIC statement. You will need to upload to us scans of your qualification documents as part of your application. With a new account, you will be able to log in to track your application and contact us via online messaging.

If you wish to upgrade an old Statement of Comparability to a Certificate of Comparability for framing or display then, as above, set up your new account and submit your fresh application for a Statement – and tell us in the ‘Application Notes’ box that you are a customer from before 26 June 2014, that you wish to upgrade to a Certificate, and tell us your UK NARIC reference number (this should start with the numbers 19 or 20). Do this, and you will receive your upgrade to a Certificate at no extra charge – you will pay only the normal Statement of Comparability price. You will receive a Statement and a Certificate.

Customers applying for Statements of Comparability in these ways will receive a new-style UK NARIC Statement – with improved security features on the document; with additional comparability and qualification framework information in the comparison statement itself; and with additional contextual information and explanation on the reverse of the statement that gives the document extra value – for you, and for users of the document such as educational institutions, professional bodies, and employers.

If you need further information or if you have questions, then we are happy to help – we have set up a special email address for our individual customers from before 26 June 2014 – contact us on