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What to send for the Statement of Comparability for the Early Years Service

What is a Final Certificate?

This is the document awarded to you upon completion of your study or training program.

Please note:

  • We are only able to evaluate awards which constitute a national standard in the country of origin and are of at least 200 hours in duration. Any qualifications which do not meet these requirements should be presented to the admitting institution or the employer for their consideration.
  • Only those certificates strictly relating to qualifications in the Early Years sector can be evaluated for this service.
  • Certificates of attendance, certificates of participation of a given programme or job-specific professional training certificates should be presented to prospective employers.

What is a Final Transcript?

A transcript is a written or recorded copy in printable format issued by the institution where you have completed a course of study or training. It should contain a full academic record of a student's career and include marks from all years, although marks are not always available for taught postgraduate courses in certain countries.

What is a Diploma Supplement?

As part of the Bologna Process all students, who graduated from 2005, should be issued a Diploma Supplement on successful completion of any higher education qualification.

The Diploma Supplement provides additional details relating to successfully completed higher education qualifications, at all three cycles of study – Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate level. The Diploma Supplement outlines institutional details, course content, type of study, modules covered, and skills required to complete the programme.

Diploma Supplements are issued by the university or institution at which you studied. It is advisable to contact the academic registry at your university to determine whether they issue the Europass Diploma Supplement. You may need to make a request for one to be issued. Some universities may issue their own version or copy of the Diploma Supplement.

How do I provide evidence of the content of my course?

In order for qualifications to be mapped applications will be required to provide details of practical training elements, which are not always evidence from transcripts or Diploma Supplements alone.

Please note: due to the specific and detailed nature of this service, if you are unable to provide supporting evidence to demonstrate that the criteria have been met, we will either consider an individual criterion ‘not met’ or will be unable to provide an assessment.

How do I provide evidence of the age range covered?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) stipulates that an individual’s training must cover the full age range from birth to 5 years. If the age range covered by your course is not clearly specified in any of the above documentation, then we will require official confirmation of this. This may be in the form of a letter or fax issued by your institution.

Please note: It is not the duty of UK NARIC to return documents. Please make sure that you send in photocopies of documents only.