Services for individuals

Service Standards

Standard UK NARIC assessments are subject to the following standards of service:

  1. Applicant refers to the individual, group or entity that has requested the services of UK NARIC.
  2. On receipt of all necessary documentation, UK NARIC will complete a written application within 10-15 working days. However, this period is not guaranteed. In some cases, such as those requiring additional, in depth research, the applicant will be informed.
  3. The applicant shall bear sole responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the applicant's details supplied to UK NARIC.
  4. UK NARIC will provide an assessment if the qualification(s) submitted are accredited in the country of origin and have been awarded by awarding bodies that are accredited/recognised in the country of origin. For qualifications that do not meet these criteria a NARIC Statement of Comparability will be issued, but no comparability will be provided.
  5. For UK NARIC Statements of Comparability, additional qualifications submitted for assessment after a Statement of Comparability has been issued will incur a fee of £12.00 + VAT* (£14.40) plus your chosen delivery charge, additional qualifications submitted three months after the date of issue will incur a fee of £49.50 + VAT* (£59.40) plus your chosen delivery charge. These prices apply to all applications made on or after 26 June 2014. For applications made before this date, adding qualifications and ordering duplicate assessments will incur a fee of £49.50 + VAT* (£59.40) plus your chosen delivery charge.
  6. UK NARIC will not take responsibility for original documents and cannot be held responsible for loss of paperwork in the post. In order to process an application, UK NARIC requires photocopies or scans of original certificates, photocopies or scans of certified translations and photocopies or scans of transcripts. In line with the Data Protection Act (1998), all documents will be destroyed three months after completion, using a shredder to protect the identity of the applicant. Original documents should not be submitted.
  7. UK NARIC may refuse to process or post the whole or any part of the applicants details if UK NARIC deems those details to be offensive or inappropriate or in its absolute discretion it believes those details to be inaccurate, untrue or a forgery, in whole or in part.
  8. UK NARIC will take all reasonable steps to ensure provision of a high quality service but will not guarantee that the provision of the service will be uninterrupted or error-free. UK NARIC places particular importance on the service provided to all customers. Should the applicant be dissatisfied with the service provision or the information provided they can address their issues in writing to UK NARIC as specified in the Application Procedures. The timeframe for submitting complaints / requests for clarification / requests for reassessment is six months after the service has been provided. Any complaints / requests for clarification / requests for reassessment submitted after that period cannot be considered.
  9. UK NARIC cannot guarantee safe delivery of assessments; this is the responsibility of delivery companies. We reserve the right to charge clients again for delivery if statements are unsuccessfully delivered due to inaccurate information provided by the client.
  10. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Data Protection

Personal data provided to UK NARIC will not be passed on to third parties, without the express written permission of the applicant, and will only be used by UK NARIC to provide the applicant with information about their application and other services provided by UK NARIC that may be relevant to the applicant. The applicant may ask whether we are storing personal information about the applicant by emailing us at and, if required, we will provide the applicant with a copy of the personal data held in the form of an email. We will ask for proof of an applicant's identity before providing any information and reserves the right to refuse to provide information requested if identity is not established. We will also charge an administration fee for this service.

Information pertaining to individual applications will not be passed on to or discussed with third parties without the prior consent of the applicant. UK NARIC will request written confirmation from the individual applicant of their permission to discuss their case with the third party concerned.

*If you are applying from an address outside of the EU, you are not required to pay VAT.