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International applications to the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS)

Information for people with overseas qualifications/training, applying for an ECS card to work as an electrician or similar in the UK.

For applications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

There are two main routes to register with the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and obtaining an ECS card if you trained outside of the UK:

    Route 1: for qualifications from countries with a JIB-approved mandatory licensing system - currently United States of America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa.

    Route 2: for qualifications from countries without a mandatory licensing system.

More information on the requirements for both of these routes, along with details on additional training and assessment that might be required, can be found on the ECS website.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you read the guidance on the ECS website before you spend time and money having your qualifications translated, compared or verified. Your training provider will give advice if and when you will need these services from UK NARIC.

All applications must be completed in English.

For applications in Scotland

The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) also accepts applications from people who trained outside the UK.

Prospective applicants should apply to register on the SJIB’s Crediting Electrotechnical Competence (CEC) Scheme. The CEC Scheme is primarily for practising electricians who wish to obtain industry-recognised qualifications, allowing them to meet the requirements for SJIB grading.

The Scheme enables applicants to have their previous experience and/or qualifications assessed, so that any skills or qualification requirements can be identified. Applicants can then upgrade their skills at college and in the workplace. Once qualified, applicants will be awarded a SVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation and may apply for an Electrician’s SJIB Grade (ECS) card. For more information please visit

UK NARIC documents

Evaluation documents from UK NARIC relating to an individual’s qualifications will not, in isolation, be accepted as proof of the applicant’s competence and experience to obtain an ECS card.

An evaluation document from UK NARIC indicates the level of a particular qualification; it does not provide all of the assessment or mapping of the qualification content that is required for an ECS card application.

Do you need a UK NARIC statement to evidence the level of your qualifications?
How to apply for a UK NARIC evaluation and comparison of your international qualifications.