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Early Years Service

Periods of adaptation

Completing an adaptation period or additional units is only possible as an option if you have EU rights.

If your Early Years Service report shows that your qualifications do not fully meet the requirements for practice in England, then as next steps you might have to do and achieve specific qualification units OR you might have to do a period of adaptation to meet the requirements.

Please see the specific units for Level 2 and Level 3

A period of adaptation is a period of supervised practice, which allows you to reach the standard of practice required in England.

If this period is successfully completed and the Department for Education (DfE) confirms this, then you can practise your profession in England.

The final decision on mutual recognition rights, including who is qualified and who is not qualified to practise, rests with the DfE.

Information for applicants, employers and supervisors

The period of adaptation guidance document provides detailed information to applicants, employers and supervisors on how periods of adaptation should be conducted, and what happens next.

Further information

Information about mutual recognition rights can be found at

The Centre for Professional Qualifications (CPQ) provides essential information for qualified professionals to aid mobility throughout the EU:

Questions about periods of adaptation should be sent direct to the DfE through or