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English Language Assessment service

English is the main language of the United Kingdom. The ability to speak English to a competent level is essential to ensure successful integration and progression in the UK.

The English Language Assessment service is available to individuals who need to demonstrate their English language proficiency as set out by the Home Office for Tier 1 and Tier 2 as well as for settlement and citizenship and to join a family member within the immigration system for the UK.

There are three ways that you can score points for English language:

  • be a national of a majority English speaking country (a country where most people speak English)
  • pass an English language test on the Home Office list of approved English language tests
  • hold a degree taught or researched in English.

What level of English language do I need?

The specific level of English language varies depending on the route through which you are applying; please check the Home Office website for more information.

A UK NARIC English Language Assessment can help you when applying through the Points Based System (PBS) (Tiers 1 and 2) and if you are applying for settlement, citizenship or to join a family member.

How can we help you?

UK NARIC’s English Language Assessment provides an assessment and a statement:

  • to confirm whether an individual’s approved English language test meets the required level of English language proficiency (CEFR levels A1, B1, B2 or C1)
  • to confirm for PBS applications (Tiers 1 and 2) that an academic qualification is comparable to a UK Bachelor degree and taught in English to the standard of CEFR C1. (For a separate written assessment confirming the comparable UK level of your academic qualification, you would also need to apply for a UK NARIC Statement of Comparability)
  • to confirm for settlement and citizenship applications that an international academic qualification deemed comparable to a UK Bachelor, Master’s or (in exceptional circumstances) PhD degree is taught in English to the standard of CEFR B1, B2 or C1. (For a separate written assessment confirming the comparable UK level of your academic qualification, you would also need to apply for the UK NARIC Statement of Comparability)

We have created a table and explanation of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language skills that you can view.

Example of an English Language Assessment.

UK NARIC can only assess tests which are included on the Home Office list of approved English language tests. The English language test must be valid at the date of issue of the English Language Assessment. (Usually, English language tests are valid for 2 years.)

When assessing qualifications for an English Language Assessment, the degrees must have been fully taught in English, (the only exception being foreign language modules).

How to apply

You can apply online.

You can register and complete your entire application online.. You can track the progress of your application, and contact UK NARIC using the built-in messaging function.

You can also apply by post. We will need paper copies (not originals) of all your documents (detailed below) and a letter giving your contact details and the purpose of your enquiry. State clearly that you require an English Language Assessment and the Home Office immigration route you are using.

We need the following from you:

If you apply online, you can upload scanned files. If you apply by post, send photocopies. Do NOT send original certificates.

  1. A photocopy or scanned version of your certificate(s) together with final transcript(s) in the original language
  2. A photocopy or scanned version of a certified translation in English (if necessary)
  3. 3. Evidence of the medium of instruction of your degree from the university’s central administration unit / registry OR a photocopy or scanned version of your English test certificate(s) (Example of a Medium of Instruction letter)
  4. Select a postage/delivery option and include payment for service plus postage/delivery.

If applying by post, include your contact details and a note to explain the purpose of your enquiry. State which Home Office immigration route you are using. Do not send a self-addressed envelope - your postage payment includes postage and packing.

If you apply online, include any extra information in the "Application Notes" field on the screen. Use this field to tell us your Home Office immigration route.

If you are applying by post, please send all documentation to the following address:

Oriel House
Oriel Road
GL50 1XP

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

The turnaround time for the English Language Assessment is 15 working days from the date of receipt of all required documentation and payment. Delivery time is in addition to this. We cannot guarantee turnaround inside this time. In some cases, additional research is needed, and the process may take longer. If this happens, we will inform you.

The cost of the service is £46.00 + VAT* (£55.20)

An optional Fast Track service is available.

The Fast Track Service costs an additional:

£164.00 + VAT* (£196.80) for a 24 hour service; or
£114.00 + VAT* (£136.80) for a 48 hour service.

This includes all delivery charges.

If you are applying for a Statement of Comparability at the same time as your English Language Assessment, there is only ONE Fast Track charge.

Payment for UK NARIC's Fast Track Service will only be accepted by debit/credit card or postal order.

*VAT is payable within the EU. If you are applying from an address outside of the EU, you are not required to pay VAT.