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UK NARIC Contributions

Tuning Educational Structures in Europe: A Guide to Formulating Degree Programme Profiles (CoRe II)

Since learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills and competencies expected on completion of programme, it follows that by defining these ‘outputs’ of an educational programme, institutions can increase the transparency and recognition of their programmes.

As revealed by the CoRe I project however, many European higher education institutions have encountered difficulties when trying to clearly and concisely describe the learning outcomes of their programmes.

To address this challenge, UK NARIC participated in the CoRe II project, helping to draft a guide for completing the Tuning degree profile. The Guide has been tested by higher education institutions and fine-tuned to ensure it meets their needs. Now published freely, the Guide assists HEIs in creating effective Tuning degree profiles for their programmes, documenting the expected generic and specific knowledge, skills and competencies that can be expected of their graduates.

Contact: Abigail Jones
Head of International Projects Group