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Learn in Europe

Learn in Europe

There are many opportunities to study, train and find new learning opportunities across Europe. Europass can help you plan your leaning and find the right opportunity to develop your skills.

You can shape your learning path and plan your learning using Europass tools. Europass can support you to reflect and record your skills to find the right opportunity for you, whether you just finished school or you are an experienced professional looking to gain new skills.

With your Europass you can:

Europass also provides you with a search for a course function where you can search for opportunities available across.

Europass also includes other tools to help you clearly communicate your skills across the EU:

  • The Diploma Supplement gives helpful information on your higher education diploma (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) to help you when applying for new courses and jobs.
  • The Europass Certificate Supplement gives helpful information on your vocational qualifications (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) to help you when applying for new courses and jobs.
  • The Europass Mobility helps to describe your international experiences and skills developed while studying, working or volunteering abroad.

Information and Support

Europass is active in more than 30 countries and can help you find the right course for you. Further information on studying in different countries across Europass can be found here.

Whether you are an individual looking to study a language or take a vocational or academic course the following organisations can help you:

Preparing for study abroad

If you are planning to study or complete training in another EU country, you need to present your qualifications (a degree, diploma or proof of vocational training) to an education and training institution. You can find a check-list with essential information to help you prepare to start your journey on our portal here.

If you are going on a student exchange to an institution in another country, make sure you get clear information from both your home institution and host institution on the courses, grades and exams involved.