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Europass CV

Europass CV

The Europass CV helps users highlight their skills, qualifications and career path. It provides a template to help users to showcase their attributes presenting the skills that may set them apart from others. The Europass CV can be completed online or downloaded.

How does using this document benefit my organisation?

The Europass CV provides information in a clear, easily accessible and standardised format, using a structure that is recognised across Europe. This format makes it easier for employers to understand what an individual has achieved and what skills and qualifications this individual possesses, therefore highlighting the candidates most suitable to work in your organisation.

When used as standard as part of an employer’s recruitment process, the standardised format means that applicants’ attributes can easily be cross referenced and identified. For an employer’s perspective of the advantages of incorporating the Europass CV into your Human Resources processes please see the Europass CV case study and an example of a completed Europass CV.

The Europass CV can be completed online, click on the buttons below for further information:

If you would like more information about the Europass CV a case study and an example of a completed Europass CV can be downloaded.