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Regulated Education and Training, and Training with a Special Structure

Regulated education and training is any training specifically geared to the pursuit of a given profession. It is a course, or courses, complemented, where appropriate, by professional training, probationary or professional practice.

In the United Kingdom, regulated education and training can be defined as:

  • Training and education directly geared to the practice of a profession, such as a course or courses, including professional training, probationary or professional practice where appropriate, where the level and structure are either determined by the laws, regulations or administrative provisions in place, or are monitored or approved by the relevant competent authority.

A full list of Regulated Education and Training and Training with a Special Structure (excluding qualifications from degree-awarding bodies) in England can be found through the Register of Regulated Qualifications, provided by Ofqual). A full list for Scotland can be found on the Scotland Qualifications Authority website. A full list for Wales can be found on the Qualifications in Wales website.

A full list of degree apprenticeships can be found on the UCAS website.

Additionally, a degree accredited by one of the UK bodies listed in Schedule 1, Part 2 of UK Statutory Instrument 2015 No 2059 may also be deemed to be Regulated Education and Training. Each body in the list maintains their own records regarding these qualifications and can be contacted for further information.