UK NARIC services and coronavirus (COVID-19)

All UK NARIC services are running, despite continuing restrictions relating to coronavirus/COVID-19.

This includes all statement services, for individual applicants and for organisations, and all enquiry services and verification services.

Applications for UK NARIC statements are being completed within the normal turnround times (including Fast Track if you choose this).

From March until September, we sent out electronic PDF statements to individual applicants. These PDF statements are security watermarked, and can be used until your paper statement arrives. We are currently working on sending out paper statements to those who applied during that time. Applicants will receive these paper statements via the delivery method selected at the application stage.

Note that there are still some delays in international postal deliveries. This may delay the arrival of your paper statement. (At the moment, DHL courier deliveries are running well.)

Thank you for your patience.

Employers, educational institutions, and UK Home Office caseworkers can verify UK NARIC PDF statements. Visit Verification Services

If you have any questions, please message us through the UK NARIC website and applicant portal; or organisational customers and members can contact their account manager; or email us on - we will be happy to help.