Annual Conference Promotional Opportunities

Promote your organisation at UK NARIC’s Annual Conference

The annual UK NARIC conference provides a wealth of resources, tools and support to navigate the changing educational landscape. Around 500 people will attend, from international offices, admissions, recruitment, pathway programmes, compliance and Registry, to professional bodies, marketing, partnerships, management and development.

UK NARIC welcomes partnerships with organisations wishing to engage with UK NARIC and UK NARIC's members. Our research suggests more than 80% of those attending conference value the presence of our exhibitors and consider the information available at the exhibition to be useful. Exhibitors and sponsors also value the exposure they get at conference.

There is a high quality of delegates to the UK NARIC conference. Nearly 40% have “head”, “manager”, “chief executive” or “director” in their job title, and many delegates have an “international” role reflected in their job title.

UK NARIC offers a range of communication channels to promote and explain your key messages to this audience at the heart of international education. There are choices to suit different budgets and different kinds of organisation. Our conferences and events team will be happy to work with you to ensure maximum visibility and success.

Information about the opportunities will be available soon, to register your interest please email