Statement Services For Occupational Bodies

UK NARIC has a proven track record in delivering bespoke evaluation and mapping services, tailored to industry needs, to clarify skills and qualifications obtained overseas.

Mapping overseas qualifications to industry-specific statutory requirements or national standards, allows for the creation of streamlined, fair and inclusive registration processes for overseas-trained professionals.

We currently support:

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and associated partner card schemes

Our Construction Skills Service was developed following engagement with industry bodies in order to address concerns about qualification authenticity and competence of overseas trained construction workers. It includes assessment of:

  • trade-specific occupational competency, referencing UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) and recommendations for upskilling in the UK
  • how qualifications compare to UK framework levels
  • qualification authenticity
  • the occupational focus and quality assurance of qualifications completed overseas

The Department for Education (DfE)

UK NARIC supports the DfE, in their role as the competent authority for the regulated childcare professions in England, by providing bespoke evaluation statements for those wishing to work in the Early Years sector.

Our Early Years Service includes:

  • assessment of qualification content against DfE criteria
  • direct engagement with institutions to discuss qualification content
  • information on the regulation of the Early Years Sector in the country of origin
  • bespoke next steps for upskilling
  • guidance for employers on how to administer adaptation periods

Application results are shared with the DfE to allow them to verify evaluations and maintain a register of Early Years professionals.

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