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Resources to support you in a changing global environment

by Head of UK NARIC Dr Cloud Bai-Yun

COVID-19, and the policy response to it, has already dramatically altered international workforce and student mobility across-the-board. This unprecedented situation is having significant impact on education and examination systems in almost every country; national economies; the global economy; and our daily ways of life.

For educational institutions, professional bodies, and ministries of education and skills, the repercussions may be long-term. But in terms of practical measures and forward planning, there must be a focus on the coming months, and preparing for what will be a very different global environment.

To enhance the support to our member organisations and diverse stakeholders across the globe, UK NARIC provides a range of resources - information; advice; insights; services - that can support you in planning and preparing for what are likely to be challenging circumstances.

The stories in this month's newsletter set out some of those resources in more detail, including:

Information resources, with regular research updates on the effects of COVID on international education, supported by a forthcoming publication with a detailed focus on key countries; there are further publications on other priority issues set for release soon.

Training and support, with new interactive digital training sessions, eTraining modules, and bespoke training which can be conducted remotely by video meeting.

New services in areas of activity which are of increasing importance. Our enhanced TNE Quality Benchmarking service will help to address obstacles in recognition that TNE qualifications can face.

In the vocational education arena, UK NARIC launches, in May, a VET Quality Review and Accreditation scheme.

E-benchmarking processes have now been put in place to support our collaborations with TVET providers in China and UK NARIC's international benchmarking projects, including our recent work in Pakistan for NAVVTC.

International labour mobility will return in some form in the coming months. A number of governments worldwide are setting up systems for the assessment of skills, to manage inward migration and economic requirements. UK NARIC will be introducing new, internet-based qualification evaluation and verification systems with national authorities, with UK NARIC providing front-end customer-facing interfaces; and back-end processing, evaluation, and verification.

A new system of this kind has been developed by UK NARIC for the National Qualifications Authority of the UAE. This is set to go live in June/July.

Finally, in an urgent response to the COVID-19 crisis, UK NARIC is taking part in a new programme to identify refugees with medical and nursing experience and assess their qualifications, so that their skills can be harnessed to support the effort against the virus.

This new programme, which will commence qualification assessment interviews with refugees within two weeks, will enable the issue of European Qualifications Passports for Refugees to suitably qualified healthcare personnel.

We are in uncertain and changing times. We continue to hope that you, your colleagues, and your families stay safe, and we wish you all the best in your ongoing work.

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun
Head of UK NARIC

30/04/2020 17:59:00
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