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Services for individuals

Do you want to study or work in the UK? UK NARIC can help you.

Do you need an official document that states how your international qualifications compare to UK qualifications? If so, request a Statement of Comparability.

You may need proof of your English language ability for work or study purposes. If so, request an English Language Assessment document.

There are occupation-specific entry requirements and processes for a number of regulated trades and professions in the UK. UK NARIC provides services and documents to support these. (At the moment, we support entry to: teaching; early years sector; electrician and electrotechnical; construction trades.)

You can apply online for any of these UK NARIC services, and upload your certificates to our website. You can track your enquiry and your order online on our UK NARIC User Portal. You can register with us now.

For more information on how to apply, you can watch our step-by-step videos on our YouTube channel

Service Turnround
Statement of Comparability 10-15 working days** £49.50 + VAT* (£59.40)
Upgrade Translation Waiver Service for Statement of Comparability 10-15 working days** Add £30.00 + VAT* (£36.00)
English Language Assessment 10-15 working days** £49.50 + VAT* (£59.40)
Statement of Comparability for Construction Skills 30 working days*** Price varies by options chosen

On the Statement of Comparability, for an extra £30.00 + VAT* (£36.00), you can request the Translation Waiver Service – this saves you the need for a translation. This is not a free service: it is an upgrade which is chargeable.

Note – we do NOT provide you with a translation of your certificates as part of this service. This service is designed to give you a Statement of Comparability in English without needing a separate certified translation of your certificates.

We can read qualifications in Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. This means you do not need to give us an English translation of your certificate. For qualifications in other languages, we do need to see a certified English translation.


  1. Order a Statement of Comparability for your Romanian degree - provide us with a certified English translation of your degree certificate - price is £49.50 + delivery + VAT*.
  2. Order a Statement of Comparability for your Romanian degree - do not provide us with a translation; order the Translation Waiver Service upgrade - price is £79.50 + delivery + VAT*.

Fast Track upgrades

Upgrade to Service Turnround
Upgrade to Fast Track 24hr Service for Statement of Comparability or English Language Assessment 24 hour** Add £164.00 + VAT* (£196.80)
Upgrade to Fast Track 48hr Service for Statement of Comparability or English Language Assessment 48 hour** Add £114.00 + VAT* (£136.80)

We offer Fast Track upgrades on Statements of Comparability and English Language Assessments – 24 hours or 48 hours.

The price shown is the additional charge for Fast Track. Add this to the price of the Statement of Comparability or English Language Assessment to get the total price.

The Fast Track service can be requested for a Statement of Comparability, an English Language Assessment, or if you need both services, only ONE Fast Track charge applies.


  1. Order an English Language Assessment with 48 hour Fast Track - price is £49.50 + £114.00 + VAT*.
  2. Order a Statement of Comparability and an English Language Assessment with 48 hour Fast Track - price is £49.50 + £49.50 + £114.00 + VAT*.

Other services

Service Turnround
Early Years Service 20 working days** £229.00 + VAT* (£274.80)
Career Path Report 15 working days** £90.00 + VAT* (£108.00)

Do you want to work in early years teaching in the UK? If so, request the Early Years Service, which satisfies the requirements of the Department for Education: Early Years.

You can also request a UK NARIC Career Path Report, if you wish – an official document with a detailed description of your qualifications and information about your country’s education system.

UK NARIC assists and supports the following organisations in their application processes. Follow the links for more information.

We offer telephone advice – call +44 (0)871 330 7033.

If you are phoning from overseas you can also use the following numbers:

t: +44 3003 038777
f: +44 3003 039777

Postage / Delivery

Delivery fees for assessments will be additional to the service charge. A number of options are provided during the online check-out process – select the option that you wish. Delivery charges are all included in the prices for the Fast Track services.

* VAT is payable within the EU

** Excludes checking and delivery time to your correspondence address

*** Excludes initial checking time and delivery time to your address. Note that Primary Source Verification depends upon responses being received from issuing authorities and training providers. Responses are not always received quickly. This can cause turnround times to go beyond 30 working days. If we experience delays in responses and if we expect a longer turnround time, we will advise you as soon as possible.