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Services for Organisations

Data Service

Underpinning the UK NARIC membership service is an extensive bank of educational data. Therefore, in addition to our membership service, we are well-positioned to provide raw data to organisations to help populate web-based systems, improve marketing efforts or speed up research work. UK NARIC not only holds data on over 190 educational systems; their qualifications and institutions, we also compile and analyse market trends relating to country, level of education and professional sectors to name but some.

What can we offer?

Static lists

For example; Higher Education Institutions listings (worldwide/country specific), School Addresses, Qualification lists.

Live lists

As above with an element inclusive of updates (quarterly/yearly).

Bespoke datasets

Whether we currently hold the information you require or not, we are in the best position to enable your projects through our bespoke data provision. Whatever your request, we are happy to discuss your proposals. If you are unsure how our information might help, allow us to inform your decision making process and speak to us about your ideas and needs. If you require a report function in addition to data sets we can provide this in conjunction with our Research Report service.

UK NARIC data service is designed to provide raw data to power products and services as well as to aid intelligence gathering and report writing, to guide public policy or further your commercial interests.

The Data Service will help you to:

  • Populate databases and application systems
  • Identify talent and recruit globally
  • Direct and develop products and services
  • Recognise professional status internationally
  • Provide a reference to recognised qualifications and institutions
  • Recognise and utilise national and global trends in education and migration
  • Understand how education is developing worldwide

Who would benefit?

  • Organisations who recruit internationally
  • Marketing organisations
  • Higher education admissions and International Teams
  • Chartered institutes & professional bodies
  • UK & international education councils
  • Government agencies