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International Grade Comparisons

The International Grade Comparisons database is designed to enable employers, professional bodies, universities and colleges to identify the brightest and best individuals from across the world. IGC has the information and data on grade profiles and grade comparisons that many members tell us greatly assists them with their decision-making.

Clear graphics show grade profiles achieved internationally compared against grade profiles for A Levels and Bachelor degrees.

A new feature shows historic data for previous years, where this is available, so that you can see changes in grade profiles across the years.

Subscribing to the IGC database will help you:

  • Identify individuals achieving the higher grades in A Levels and Bachelor level degrees from over 130 of the key feeder countries to UK
  • See certificate examples
  • Compare multiple sets of data relating to differing grading systems, awards and awarding bodies in the same country
  • Understand more about the complex grading systems used across the world.

Membership Packages

To subscribe to and access International Grade Comparisons, please contact our Membership Services Team. To add International Grade Comparisons to an existing membership please contact your Account Manager.

For more information about our packages and pricing please contact our Membership Services Team on t. + 44 (0)871 330 7303 or