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Early Years Service

Early Years Service: what we provide and how to apply

The Early Years Service finds out if you are qualified to work as a Level 3 Early Years Educator or a Level 2 Childcare Worker in Early Years Settings in England.

The service does a detailed mapping of the content of your qualifications to the official DfE criteria.

The Level (2 or 3) determines the kind of job you can do and how you fit into the rules on staff:child ratios.

These rules and ratios set out the number of children you are allowed to supervise. This depends on the age of the children, the other staff within the setting and their Level, and the type of setting you are working in.

What we provide

Level 3 Early Years Educator

UK NARIC will map the content of your qualification against the DfE's Level 3 Early Years Educator qualifications criteria [PDF].

We also provide a comparison for your school qualification to help you demonstrate that you meet the DfE's literacy and numeracy requirements.

The evaluation statement gives guidance on your next steps in order to work as a Level 3 Early Years Educator in England.

The details of the next steps guidance will depend on whether you have rights under European Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

The next steps guidance will set out options available to you, so that you can demonstrate competence in any of the criteria that are not covered by your qualification(s).

You can view an example of an Early Years Service evaluation statement for Level 3 Early Years Educators online

Level 2 Childcare Worker

For Level 2 Childcare Worker registration, UK NARIC will confirm the recognition of your qualifications and their focus on Early Years Education.

The evaluation statement will provide guidance on your next steps in order to work as a Level 2 Childcare Worker in England.

The documents you need to send to us

If you apply online, you can upload scanned files. If you apply by post, send photocopies. Do NOT send original certificates. We need:

  • For your early years qualification(s), a copy or scan of your final certificate; also, a copy or scan of the final transcript or Diploma Supplement in the original language.
  • A copy or scan of official evidence of the age range covered by the content your qualification. We cannot accept letters or documents that make unsupported statements about the age range that you are qualified to work with. The evidence must confirm the age range covered by the actual content of your course. To view some examples of accepted letters please click here and here.
  • A copy or scan of a detailed description of your course content. To view an example of course content please click here. This document is reproduced with the express consent of the copyright holder, (TGA) as an example of an acceptable course content that might be used to support the application.
    Only modules that you have passed will be looked at as part of the mapping process. Course modules that you have not done and that do not appear in your transcripts will not be mapped. The course content information you give us must be the information relevant to your year(s) of study; eg if you studied a module in academic year 2002-2003 then you must provide the module descriptor or course handbook from that academic year, 2002-2003.
  • For your school qualifications, a copy or scan of your final certificate; also, a copy or scan of your final transcript in the original language.
  • A copy or scan of a certified English translation(s) of any of your documents not in English. If you need a certified translation, contact your local translation agencies or your Embassy.

How long does it take?

The turnround time is 20 working days from the date we receive all required documentation and payment. This timeframe does not include the postage/delivery time, and cannot be guaranteed. In a few cases, such as those requiring additional special research into the qualifications, the process may take longer - this is uncommon, but if it applies to your case, we will tell you.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service is £229.00 + VAT* (£274.80).

*VAT is payable within the EU. If you are applying from an address outside of the EU, you are not required to pay VAT.

How many qualifications can I submit?

This service can take into account and map competences from any number of qualifications; the qualifications must be relevant to Early Years Education, and you must provide all the relevant evidence for each qualification. Your school award(s) will be assessed separately.

Can I contact UK NARIC about my application?

If you have any queries about your Early Years Service application, contact us online. Use the messaging function on the application portal after registering with us.