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Statement of Comparability

Statement of Comparability

Shows how your qualifications compare to UK qualifications and the UK education system

Who is it for?

The Statement of Comparability is for people who want to evidence the level of their overseas qualifications in the UK. It can be used for many purposes, including:

  • employment
  • study
  • professional registration
  • immigration

Note that there is a separate service designed for visa, settlement and citizenship applications. If your application is for immigration purposes, details of the Visas and Nationality Service are available here.

What is it for? How does it help?

The Statement of Comparability confirms how your overseas qualifications compare to the UK system by comparing them to qualification framework levels and qualification types.

You can send us more than one qualification for comparison when you use the Statement of Comparability service. Multiple qualifications are included in the price.

When you present your Statement of Comparability to employers etc, present it together with your original qualification documents. Your qualification documents, including your transcripts, shows the subjects and modules you studied, and your grades. The Statement of Comparability clarifies the level of your qualification in UK terms.

Here is an example of a Statement of Comparability.