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UK NARIC Contributions

Joint programmes: Quality Assurance and Recognition (JOQAR)

The overall purpose of the project is to facilitate joint programmes, and specifically Erasmus Mundus programmes, in terms of accreditation and recognition. The project partnership consequently includes quality assurance (QA) /accreditation agencies and recognition bodies (ENIC-NARICs).

The external QA and accreditation of joint programmes,and consequently their recognition, can prove challenging in view of the often multiple national accreditation procedures involved. To address this challenge, this project seeks to promote single accreditation procedures and promote consistent recognition through:

  • development of a multilateral recognition agreement for QA and accreditation
  • establishment a European coordination point for external QA and accreditation of joint programmes
  • publication of guidelines and good practices for higher education institutions and their joint programmes
  • agreement among ENIC-NARICs on recognition principles for qualifications awarded through joint programmes
  • information provision on Erasmus Mundus programmes.

In designing the project around these specific objectives, it is hoped that the project achievements and outputs will continue to be sustainable and transferable beyond the lifetime of the project.

Contact: Abigail Jones
Head of International Projects Group