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Europass CV

Europass CV

The Europass CV helps users highlight their skills, qualifications and work experience.

When it comes to finding a job you need to stand out, you need to be noticed. You need to make sure that employers understand what you have achieved and what skills and qualifications you possess.

The Europass CV is in a standardised format that is recognised, and used, throughout Europe. Whatever job you are applying for, the Europass CV presents your skills and competences in a clear format that makes it easy for potential employers to be able to understand what you are able to offer.

How do I apply?

The Europass CV can be completed online or downloaded to your computer. Further information can be found by clicking on the buttons below or by visiting the Europass portal link.

Cover Letter

The Europass online editor now includes a CV cover letter for helping candidates present themselves to prospective employers.

Users have the advantage, not only of a user-friendly online interface, but the editor also provides suggestions as to the sort of information that should be provided in a cover letter – useful for inexperienced job-seekers.

The Cover letter can be completed online. Further information can be found by clicking on the button above.

The UK NEC has developed a CV Tutorial to assist you completing the CV online.

Case Studies

If you have successfully used the Europass CV and wish to submit a case study please complete the following template and email it to the Europass team.

Alternatively if you would like more information from participants who have completed this document please refer to the Europass CV case study page.

The UK and Irish National Europass Centres, in collaboration with the UK and Irish Euroguidance Centres have produced a video that will help young jobseekers identify appropriate skills and attributes that they can then promote to employers by recording them in their Europass CV.