Online information databases
Become a subscribing member of UK NARIC and enjoy online access to the largest information bank of international qualifications in the world.

Over 4,000 qualifications from secondary to postgraduate level are detailed, spanning 200 countries, former countries and territories, with detailed information on education systems and qualification frameworks. There is also information on professional and vocational frameworks.

Pop-up menus, diagrams and colour-coded charts make the resources easy to use and understand and enable comparison and mapping to UK qualifications and frameworks.

UK NARIC’s information databases are of benefit to:
  • Any organisation recruiting internationally
  • University, school and college admissions teams and international departments
  • Professional bodies and chartered institutes
  • Advisers to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees
  • Education councils
  • Careers advisers
  • Government and ministries of education

The information databases comprise:
  • International Comparisons (IC) covers academic, vocational and professional qualifications from 200 countries, former countries and territories around the world.
  • European Grade Distributions (EGD) compares and maps grading systems and grade distributions from across Europe, for those recruiting from inside the EU.
  • European Secondary Qualifications (ESQ) provides detailed information on the secondary education structures and streams and secondary qualifications across the 27 EU member states and EEA countries.
  • Vocational Comparisons (VC) details vocational education and training qualifications across 50 countries.

The specialised databases:
  • International Secondary Qualifications (ISQ) extends the secondary education coverage beyond Europe, to over 75 countries worldwide.
  • International Grade Comparisons (IGC) supplements IC with grade distributions and grade profiles from over 65 key feeder countries, mapped to UK comparator qualifications, so you can identify the best applicants and candidates.
  • Teaching Comparisons and Childcare Comparisons detail the training systems and qualifications for these sectors spanning over 70 countries.

UK NARIC’s information databases help you to identify and access the best professional talent and the students with most potential. They assist you in ensuring compliance and in mitigating risk, they build in-house expertise and they reduce costs by accelerating the screening process and reducing processing times.

Specialist applications are assisted, such as recognition of professional status for applications to teach and for admission to other professions; and immigration applications, such as identifying eligibility for visas under Points Based Systems.

"My team use the service every day as part of their daily work... I would imagine other organisations doing a similar role would find the service invaluable."

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